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A New Dawn, A New Day…

As the worlds most infrequent blogger I am amazed to find this page still active after all this time.  Lately I have been hankering for a forum in which to jot down my observations and blogging seems to be the  right way to be doing this (as Facebook and Twitter plus traditional forums don’t tend to lend themselves to the sort of musings I am wont to indulge in).

It has been a good long while since I last blogged.  What has happened since then I hear you ask (or not)?  Well, I have moved out of London, finally.  I now find myself enjoying the almost countryfied life that West Sussex has to offer.  I am spitting distance from Gatwick which is brilliant for the odd hop to the Continent yet am surrounded by forest and green fields, which is incredibly good for the soul.  My menagerie has expanded by 2 cats and a dog, bringing the total up to 4 cats and 1 dog… and the odd froggy visitor… and the odd bird too…  I have a small garden that is now split 50/50 between fruit, veg and flowers.  There is also an allotment down the road that will eventually produce the bulk of our fruit/veg/herb requirements and possibly even a small amount of honey too.

Cooking continues apace and is now a more instinctive activity – my reliance on recipes is decreasing and I seem to have a more instinctive understanding of what flavours go well together.  So finally I have reached the point where I can be presented with a series of ingredients and can cobble together a decent pot of food quite easily.  Just don’t ask me to barbecue…one area that I still struggle with.

Baking is going on well, I am focusing now on cake and biscuit decorating more as this, combined with chocolate painting and pickles, preserves, will hopefully offer me a valid source of income down the line.

Writing remains a pipe dream and after all this time of dreaming about writing a wonderful piece of fiction, I get hit on the side of the head with a ‘how to’ book that actually looks as if it can work…so my attention is focused on that for now…more on that later.

Tilgate Park

Tilgate Park

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